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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Just a guess: intro has been coded and tested on UAE only and due to a bug in the emulator it looked different in an older version? I'll ask Blueberry next time I meet him.
Possibly but imho it looks more interesting now

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Just for info...

Found some other interesting examples like on NorthStar Megademo3:

On the 1st picture is visible 2 different shifts of green lines.
What could cause that these shifts are different?!

On attached 2nd picture there is no any shifting visible on red lines.
Both cases are same demo running on WinUAE window resolution 752x576.

Could that be something related to cooper instead overscan?! just wondering
Yes, bad copper wait values. Wait for hpos=1, write to background color, color change is visible in right border. Correct way is to wait for larger hpos value before changing colors.

Hblank starts at hpos=7 or so, not at hpos=0.
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