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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
That's it. The whole plot is basically "there are six different levels".
So, if the manual had said:
Zool is a gremlin "Ninja of the Nth Dimension" who is forced to land on Earth. In order to gain ninja ranking he has to pass six lands, because a ranked Ninja can marry!

.. then it would have been a much better game?

I'm not sure I buy that..
I think a plot in a platformer, as in some other genres, is frosting on the cake (Perhaps Zool's subtext! :-).
You don't need it. Yes, it can make a game better. But a fun game can be fun without a good plot, and a good plot won't save a bad game.

p.s. To make the plot more believable, you'd throw in some cutscenes between levels showing Zool and his betrothed... At the end of each cutscene, she's dragged away by an evil smirking "ranked" Ninja!!!!
p.p.s. Actually, you may have something.... I think I want to play that game now... ;-)

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