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Hi Jonathan, and welcome to EAB!

Your two upcoming projects sound very interesting. Please be sure to share all the details with us here and - if you don't already have one - get yourself a digital camera, because your threads are sure to benefit from lots of pictures.

Amigas are a lot safer hobby than motorcycles, and it's good to hear that you've left them behind. I didn't have much better luck than you. Twice, through no fault of my own (once when I had been riding pillion), I was left lying in the road, unconscious with a fractured skull but, fortunately, no other injuries. Motorcycles are a lot of fun, but the roads here have been far too dangerous for a good while now.

PS. Other members have begun projects very similar to yours, so you could get some ideas by searching the board for "Projector" and "Amiga case" "PC motherboard", for example.
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