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While I agree to some extent with the last couple of comments, I think Amiga games in general are far quicker to get into with less fluff to sit through.

There seemed to be a period where games went through a tedious "make the player sit through screens and screens of utter bollocks" before starting the game. I'm talking about the ones where you hit fire to start, are forced to some kind of options screen to tweak things. Hit fire again and a big map appears. You then have to move your character to where you want to go. Hit fire again. Queue "tedious cut-screen of 2 characters in a small box in the middle of the screen talking to each other while the game types one character at a time into speech bubbles". Hit fire and you skip that dialogue, and brings up the next one. After what seems like several minutes you finally get to play the game. NES seemed rampant with this kind of crappy intro/map stuff.

Compare that with Chuck Rock or Superfrog where you hit fire to start and bam, you're pretty much into the game (possibly a loading screen while the game loads) and it makes for a much more enjoyable experience when you're after a quick gaming hit!
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