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Music made on Amiga from the Golden Ages

Thats right

For everyone who loves the sound of the Amiga, belives in the power of the tracked sound and wanna hear some proper beats made with it:

original and remixed 4ch and multichannel music made with Pro/MelonTracker/Digibooster on Amigas from the 90's upto the most recent times can be heard at:

More to come!

Also please share in this thread some wicked Amiga beats from the '90s that you have or found on the net!
Even better if happened that you or your buddy made a banger back then but somehow it got dusted on an old floppy/hdd and you feel its time to give it some love - please do it here and now!

I've also begun to collect dnb, jungle nad hiphop modules (.mod and .dbm) from aminet, anyone could advise some more resources regarding these type of modules?

Ps to admins: Sorry if theres already a similar thread, please move it if it needs to be, thanks.
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