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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Sorry, I have been just lost motivation and ... hm, the sun shone so nice, just great for a ride on the bike.
Don't give up, amilo. Toni's just saying that he needs things done in a way that's more disciplined.

The Amiga is such a complicated machine that it's sometimes difficult to know if the emulator is as fault or the programmer made an error. It's even possible that the emulator accidentally corrects a bug in the original demo! It would be very annoying to discover that an apparent bug in the emulator is actually a bug in the Demo itself.

What Toni is after is an example that's run on a real Amiga with output compared with the output of the emulator run with best possible settings. If there is a difference, then the emulator is at fault. Everything else just makes it difficult to focus and is distracting.

Do you have a working A500? If you don't then perhaps you can get other users to verify the suspected error on a real machine. Then the demo with documented error can later be presented for correction.

BTW, the UPFRONT smooth copper demo problem you found is very interesting. Maybe someone can verify that the Demo runs correctly on a real Amiga. If it does and no emulator setting produces the same result, then it certainly is worth exploring.
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