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I have been doing this to not get bored, and to use my free time to help you with WinUAE development/improvement.

I hoped that you strived for such infos, but obviously I was wrong.

I am not asking here or forcing that this has to be repaired ASAP.

I have been decided to make a collection of still possible problematic demos that might be of help.

But of course, its up to you what will be done with those infos ... its your emu anyway not mine.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Just reminding that I don't care if some old version appears to be correct or if demo "looks" wrong.
Well, how I understand, if a demo "looks" wrong it obviously doesnt run correctly, right?

And you said you "don't care" ... hm, thanks for that, so why then should I, really.

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