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Hello from Christchurch, Dorset


I'm Jonathan, 39 years old and sort of returning to the Amiga scene.

Probably a familiar story to that of many of you here... I got an A500 way back in 1986 after a few years of Amstrad CPC 464 ownership and put that Amiga through a series of upgrades over the years until I got an A1200 in... 1991 I think it was. I got deeply into the demo scene, more as a trader but got involved with some demo groups as a gfxer and got a couple of 3D tutorials published in Amiga Format at one point. In hindsight though, I wasn't very good

So forward to '96 and university and then work demands dictate I get a PC and having watched Commodore implode on itself my by then heavily upgraded A1200 had to go. Over the intervening years I've dabbled with Amiga emulators for the occasional nostalgia trip.

And now I want to dabble with some actual Amiga hardware. Frankly, that's driven by a need for a new hobby as I've been on the receiving end of two non-fault motorcycle accidents in the past twelve months. Bikes were my passion, kind of still are but more as a spectator. I'll spare you the details and much of the sob story but the most recent accident left me needing surgery and could easily have left me very seriously injured or worse. The fact it happened two weeks before my first child was born definitely threw things into perspective. So, no more bikes, at least to increase the odds of me seeing my little boy grow up and save Mrs Trooper from undue worry.

...and so back to Amigas and the two projects I want to tackle. One has a purist approach and the other definitely doesn't but it'll be the one I tackle first basically because it'll be the cheapest. Frankly, that'll be to butcher an A1200 case and put some kind of PC motherboard in it, finish off the case and run Icaros or a stripped down Linux that I'll fool myself into thinking is AmigaOS by starting an emulator as soon as it fires up. I'd like that to be an everyday PC that'll be permanently in my man-cave (the garage!) and it'll have that old-school feel to it that I'm sure we all like. It'll be like being sat behind the wheel of a classic car that's had a Lamborghini engine grafted into it. The second project is going to be to take an A1200 hook it up to a projector for some classic gaming.

Not so much an intro as a mini-biography, eh?! Thanks in advance for what I'm sure will be a warm welcome.

- Jonathan
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