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AmiWolf - new 68k Wolfenstein 3D port


As some of you guys know there are a couple of existing Amiga Wolfenstein 3D ports but I thought it was about time we had one with SFX and music.

This port started off as a quick test of the new AGA SDL but then I decided to turn it into a proper 030 targeted (non-SDL) release. It looks like it's playable on an 030 so mission accomplished

  • AGA
  • SFX
  • MIDI music playback using the DOOM Sound Engine
  • 256 color AGA double buffered C2P graphics
  • Auto strafe
  • PAL/NTSC support

It's a complete hack really, the best Wolfenstein port is called Wolf4SDL but that port doesn't support Big Endian so I had to base this port on about 3 different ports and it also includes code from DOOM, Quake and even Quake 2

I cannot include the SFX/music data with the release for copyright reasons but I'll include tools and instructions so people can convert them.

This port only supports the full retail version of Wolfenstein, it proved too complicated to include support for the shareware release.

If I have the energy I'll also to do a Spear of Destiny release

[ Show youtube player ]

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