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Originally Posted by vitux View Post
I have a doubt, Asman is the author of the other conversions? (Supersprint, Gauntlet etc)
No, those were meynaf's work:

who also ported IK:

Asman/WT have also ported Solomon's key:

Originally Posted by vitux View Post
And what the difference between a port and reverse engineering?
The experts might have a better answer, but:
A port is... a port (so a conversion to another platform).
Reverse engineering is the process to analyze how a program (game) works on a platform. This way, if you don't have access to the source code or don't want to write everything from scratch, you have a base to code your port.

So what Asman and meynaf do is checking how the games work on the Atari ST and then writing some code to get that working on Amiga.
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