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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Found this time 256b demo that seems to not work properly on Quickstart A500 config:

Hotbleeps by Loonies ->

Not quite sure is it working Ok or not as this will need to test on real A500.

EDIT: Also found another 256b demo that seems start to work from b3 version but still with some small glitches on first few screens:

Tiny Chess by scarab ->

EDIT1: On below one seems as colours differs from those shown on picture or video:

2^8 by Orb -> ...

... but it seems to be OK when started in Quickstart A600 ... as 2 colors are depending on the workbench colors. So this one is then OK.
"Problem" with 256 byte (or any other very small intros) is that they may require some specific environment that isn't necessarily mentioned anywhere. I am not going to guess.

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