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Tom's Hardware is biased, but you can't really make the assumption just because he prefers Intel to AMD. Hell, I prefer Intel to AMD myself (having owned several AMD machines; I think they're crap compared to Intel), but then it really determines what purpose you are buying the hardware for.

The problem with Tom's Hardware, is he already knows where he stands to begin with, and he'll just use statistics in a way to prove his point. For example, the Radeon vs. FX. Sure the radeon may pull ahead, but only in lower resolutions, which is what the radeon was optimized for. There's nothing really out there that takes full advantage of the FX, and probably the same with the Radeon. All Tom knows how to do is install Windoze, click the benchmark icon, and cut'n'past some pretentious terms into his article to make himself sound smart. He doesn't know jack about hardware, and it's reflected in his articles. Comparing hardware on a few tests doesn't really prove anything, since usually that hardware can be used for so much more, and a victory in one category doesn't neccessarily mean a victory in another. Unless all you plan to use your hardware for is that exact same thing that Tom does in his tests, I wouldn't even bother listening to him.
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