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I was never that keen on using up on joysticks to jump, but i did get used to it when there was no other choice.

I think this is what defines the amiga platformers compared to the consoles and it made the games harder and less precise to play.
There are plenty of good amiga platformers out there, i think it's mainly the control methods that put some people off.

Back in the day if you gave a console owner a play of an amiga platformer, the first thing they would say is that it doesn't feel right to have to press up to jump.

These days it's not hard to mod a multi button joystick so one of the buttons is used for up, essentially making it a 2 button joystick.

I did this easy mod with my Star Cursor joystick and it only took a few minutes to do.
Apparently you can also mod one of the buttons on a megadrive pad to act as up as well.

That way you get the best of both worlds, you can use either up or a button to jump in amiga platformers, and also use it in racing games as an acceleration button.
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