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Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
Addressing the original question:

I think one reason the Amiga had poor platform games was its somewhat inadequate hardware sprite support both in number of sprites per scanline and their size.

The difference between having four 16-color sprites per scanline and eight or more 16-color sprites per scanline is huge and 32-pixel wide sprites are much more useful than 16-pixel wide sprites.

It's possible to get a few more hardware sprites per scanline by mixing DMA and manual mode sprites, but's its very restrictive and a pain to get right.
It wasn't a question of hardware. There is some excellents platformers in GameBoy and one of the greatest (maybe THE greatest) is on NES...

One more time, just have a look (and play it !) at Mr Nutz : Hoppin'Mad. This is a perfect platformer, and you know why ? It's because it was made with the Amiga in mind, with it's strength and weakness.
Programmer Pieter Thierolf whos was also responsible for coding Mega Turrican and Turrican III said that T3 would have been much better if it was at first coded with the Amiga in mind...but it is in fact a conversion of Mega Turrican, made with the strength and weakness of the Megadrive...
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