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Never refered to them as an "artist" merely that they had artistic appreciation, and the ability to apply it to the choice of picture.

The reason I feel it counts as art, is that I've produced hundreds of fractals and not found any intrinsic reason why two very similar pictures could be differentiated as to their artistic merit. This shows that either; I don't have this ability, or, that I have not developed it. Since they do, and have, and, I feel it is this ability that allows people to create art, rather than just pictures; This indicates that the art is in the choice of picture, however that picture is acheived, wether through paint, photography, or computer.

One example is that their are hundreds of thousands of "snaps" (if not milllions) and almost without exception these have no artistic qualities of any kind, and yet it is possible to pull from these a very small number which have merit, and deserve a larger display - my dad has taken hundreds and has maybe 10 - 15 that are 'good'. So the choice of picture can be just as important as how it is produced.
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