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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Nice! I didn't know that was an option with IDE/CF!!!!
Like I wrote earlier, it is not within the specification of the CF standard for a simple mechanical reason:

The pin that tells the card to go into IDE mode is a short one. However, it must be grounded on power-up, and the power pins are longer than the other pins in order to ensure the "first make, last break" contact. As a result, the specification does not cover the case "hot-plugging in IDE mode", because the card is already considered to be powered up when the "IDE mode"-pin makes contact. While it does not have contact, it's pulled up by a resistor within the CF card, so according to specification, any CF card must come up in memory-mapped mode if it is hot-plugged.

What we are now looking for is a type of card that violates the standard (in a positive way). Our software (mostly) does what it's supposed to, only small things to be polished. I will most probably have the high-brightness LEDs to experiment with later this week, and we'll probably be ready for a broader test next week.

If you want to be a tester, let me know what types of A500s you have, and how many different types of CF cards you have at home. Testers should be able to put 2-3 hours per week at least into testing the ACA500, and there should be a basic understanding of how to write bug reports that let us reproduce a possible problem. Please understand that I cannot give away boards for free. The best I can do is to offer free shipping and an extended return period of two months.

If you feel like you're up to the task and you're the kind of guy who can do st**pid-enough things to make our software crash, please contact me. Please refrain from becoming a betatester just for "having it first", like some X-Surf-100 customers did. There will be enough for everyone later on, and I really don't want to have to say no to a real tester, just because a collector pretended to be a tester.

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