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The video is quite interesting. So far I have only watched the first 20 minutes, but:

1) At 16:XX he states that the ST version was developed first, so I am not that certain if the Amiga original game status in the HOL entry (unless it was finished/published first on Amiga?):

2) At 18:XX (AI VS AI) he says that he developed the game first by having the two teams being CPU controlled and that only later, when he was satisfied with the way the game played when watched, he took care of player controls (and therefore interaction with the game).

I find it an interesting development process. I wonder how many games which allow 1P vs 2P, 1P vs CPU (and sometimes CPU vs CPU) were developed this way and if they generally have a better AI compared to others.

Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Look at awesome Atari 8-bit version. Info missing on HOL but it's not big deal

Edit: 31:38 it is clear that the Amiga version is the second one ("I then had to make the Amiga version")

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