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Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
I think one reason the Amiga had poor platform games was its somewhat inadequate hardware sprite support both in number of sprites per scanline and their size.
This is true but that limitation should affect any action game at all, not just platform games.

Mostly Amiga games only use sprites for the main character and limited other things, but we can use bobs for everything else. This is much less convenient but isn't an excuse for poor game design. There are plenty of Amiga games with a lot of action happening on screen.

But we had games like Chuck Rock which were competently programmed but uninspiring and boring or annoying to play. And with the so common mistake of only having one piece of music for the whole game. Or you have to choose music or sound effects and can't have both. Or it's generally just lacking a certain something.

One thing I note, however, is that on Chuck Rock and Wonderdog, all the moving objects go "behind" the stationary graphics, rather than in front. I wonder if that's so they don't have to bother storing the graphics under the bob, thus saving some blits. Interesting if true.
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