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First my pc specs:

Athlon 1.2 Ghz
400 MB ram
Geforce 4 MX
Soundblaster Live

My WinUAE is the newest

My Winuae Settings:

Chip RAM: 2MB
Fast RAM: none
Slow RAM: nne
Z3-Fast RAM: 16 MB
RTG (Graphics card)

Rom: Kick 3.1

CPU: 68020+FPU

Emulation Speed: Fastest Possible, but maintain chipset timing

Detect idle CPU: Disabled

JIT Settings:

Cache Size: 4 MB
Hard flush: disabled Force Settings: disabled Const Jump: enabled No Flags: Enabled FPU Support: enabled


Enabled, 100% accurate
44100 Hz

Use Primary DirectSound Buffer: Enabled

Sound buffer size: 3

Interpolation: Disabled

It this a WHD game
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