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Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
Look at James Pond 3 on amiga. It's an AGA only version (!!!). Even on a stock A500 with 1MB of ram, I'm sure you could have made better. Mr Nutz prove it easily. And what was the reason for not having the same parallaxes of the consoles version on the A1200 and the CD32 ? Time and money.
Time and money are no excuse. Ok Mr Beanbag took me a long time but I learnt to program asm/Amiga hardware while I was doing it, and I only did it on and off while I was in full time education. I also suffer terrible lapses in motivation. Had it been my full time job to do it, and if I'd had anyone to help me at all, it could have been finished a lot quicker.

I think it's more to do with a lack of vision. People just churned stuff out and didn't really care, for which I would blame management rather than the development teams. Too many small companies in competition perhaps, instead of a few large companies making polished products, it was quantity over quality. But another thing that Sega or Nintendo didn't have to contend with. A lot of Amiga games were not just Amiga games, but were developed for multiple platforms simultaneously, so targeted the lowest common denominator. Bitmap Brothers games were all designed for the Atari ST hence no parallax. It seemed like only a few houses such as Psygnosis dared make anything that was Amiga-specific so it could really take advantage of the hardware. Shame that their game design was so bad.

EDIT: although it occurs to me Xenon II Megablast had parallax scrolling even on ST, goodness knows how they managed that.

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