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Sound - MIXED_STEREO fix

I found a little enchancement in MIXED_STEREO feature in WinUAE. In this mode both channels are delayed into opposite channel to simulate real stereo effect.
I think that sound delay it's too little and increasing it give better quality sound. As I can see in AUDIO.C source, now DELAY_BUFFER is sets to 32 samples - that gives a 0.7 miliseconds delay to opposite channel , so this delay produces only phase shifted sound not a real echo-delay effect. Increasing delay time should improve sound localization by generate Haas effect. It also makes Amga sounds not so dry and raw by adding little echo. I suppose 10 ms delay should be ok ( about 512 samples ). If it's possible change DELAY_BUFFER to this value.

What do you think about this FIX and it will be usefull for anyone ? .
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