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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
Speaking of Delfina, you should take the opportunity to release final stable drivers and documentation. Everyone knows that board is a real nightmare.
Delfina drivers are stable, and they're even open-source. Last bug removed was quite a few years ago - everything else was/is hardware-related. If you feel your card is not stable, add some good ground connection. It's a day-and-night difference in stability. The connection that you see on the photo is the worst you can make.

Baby-step success on hot-plugging the aux CF card ("secondary" or "left" card): A small addition made to the CPLD logic allows us to detect if the card supports hot-plug in IDE mode. Some cards do (even reliably), some cards don't. If you find a card that does, there's no need to restart the computer if you just want to exchange data with a PC.

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