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@Shatterhand. Yep Vandal Hearts is by Konami. When I first decided to try Jap. RPG's for the first time hiring stuff out, there was Vandal Hearts & Suikoden, both Konami RPG's, & went with Suikoden.

Why such a hardline against stuff like playstation & C64 Shatterhand? You criticize the "poor" 3D GFX of the playstation (although at the time of its release it blew the competition away) comparing it today's machines. I could attack the 8bit MSX for crap graphics/sound etc compared to todays machines too! (Or C64 games being better than MSX).
But that wouldn't be fair or realistic-its gameplay that counts & the games mentioned here all have that playability.

What consoles do you regard as underrated/unexploited then?
BTW-don't take this as intentional flaming or insulting, just curious & always happy to have retro-gaming debates, thats all!
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