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Problematic Demos.


Have just been tested an 64b Scoopex demo/intro on latest WinUAE b7 Quickstart A500/A500+ configs and it seems the demo does not work correctly:

Blerkenwiegel by Scoopex ->

Note: To start the demo just extract zip file and add .EXE to file.

EDIT: Found in WinUAE "Docs/Readme.txt" a following (see excerpt below):

WinUAE 2.5.0 (02.12.2012)
- Chipset emulation improvements. (EyeQlazer/Scoopex, Blerkenwiegel/Scoopex, No Way Demo/Academy, Brian the Lion AGA, SuperPlus monitor mode)

... and it seems to stop working "correctly"!? after WinUAE 2.6.0 (16.05.2013) version. (Maybe will need to be tested on a real A500 to approve it.)

It seems mentioned above EyeQlazer/Scoopex to be also affected together with Blerkenwiegel/Scoopex ... other mentioned didnt tested so cant tell.

Eye(Q)Lazer by Scoopex ->

Some infos:

About purpose of opening this thread ->

Other 'Open-Case' Demos:

Demos with "strange" issues:

Hotbleeps by Loonies -> ... updated! (13.09.2013.)

Red It Intro by Savage ->

Demos with "syncronize CPU to display" issues:


Demos with "blitter active" issues:

Pax Americana by Complex -> ... updated! (20.09.2013.) I M P O R T A N T !

Spiritual connection by Amaze ->

Application-Trackmo -> ... updated! (2013-11-26) I M P O R T A N T ! ...(see EDIT:bad disk)

4 Bitplane Sine Scroller (Demo) by Level 4 ->

Vector Bobs (Demo) by It ->

Just Do It (Demo) by Dimension X ->

Superspinner (Demo) by Sodan ->

Party Time (Demo) by Defcon One ->

Jas' First Real Demo (Demo) by Empire ->

Full Of Enjoyment (Demo) by Endless Piracy ->

Expiration (Demo) by Mayhem ->

8 Voices Demo (Demo) by Swans ->

Demo Mix 5 intro (Intro) by Tommyknockers ->

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 (Crack Intro) by Two Live Crew ->

Australo Piticus Mechanicus - Fake Crack Intro (Crack Intro) by Skid Row ->

A New Game (Intro) by The Special Brothers ->

Svennes Pikodemus v3.65 (Demo) by Digitech ->

Bank Buster - Spreading (Crack Intro) by Vortex 42 ->

Nishiran Perversion (Intro) by Dragons ->

Asm One v1.01 (Crack Intro) by Scoopex ->

Infestation (Crack Intro) by Razor 1911 ->

Les Voyageurs Du Temps (Crack Intro) by Avenger ->

JFI - simple demos with unusual high CPU usage:

Cylindric Scroll by Concept ->

Megademo by Northstar ->

Filled Vectors (Intro) by Lsd ->

Demo 3 (Demo) by Tristar ->

First Demo (Demo) by Perfect Illusion ->

Degradation by Zymosis ->

Federation Quest 1: B.S.S. Jane Seymour - Preview (Crack Intro) by Black Monks ->

Dynablaster Fix (Crack Intro) by LSD ->


Already 'Fixed' Demos:

Blerkenwiegel by Scoopex ->

Prurient by Rebels ->

Silly scroller by Phenomena ->

Made In Croatia by Binary ->

Starflight by Phenomena ->

Copper Slave by Ram Jam ->

No Reality by Devil ->

Geil Intro (Intro) by Alpha Flight ->

Deja Vu by Anarchy ->

Seven Months Old (Demo) by The Crusaders ->

We shave Ass (Demo) by Razor 1911 ->

Mr. Peq's Amiga First (Demo) by Dual Crew ->

The end by trilobit -> -> ... updated! (20.09.2013.)

Animotion by Phenomena ->

Digital Innovation (Trackmo) by Anarchy ->

Antediluvian Sloppy Spectacle by essence -> ... updated! (21.10.2013.)

Alpha and Omega (Demo) by Pure Metal Coders ->

New and Better Routines (Intro) by Cult ->

Simple A Demo by Gate -> ... A1000 Fixed!

Balls & Motorboats (Demo) by Savage ->

Megademo by Sargon & Red Sector Inc. & Thrust & Phalanx & Shadow Light ->

Hi Freaks (Intro) by Supplex & The Silents -> ... (2013-11-02)

Batman Vuelve Sildeshow II (Slideshow) by Batman Group ->

Party Demo by Ghostriders ->

Powertrax (Musicdisk) by The Light Circle ->

New Beginning (Demo) by Epsilon Design ->

Sinemania (Intro) by Latex ->

Just Another Compilation (Intro) by Magnetic Fields ->

Gastkammare (Demo) by Massive ->

Copper Bandwaggon (Demo) by New Age ->

Rick Dangerous +1 (Trainer) by Quaterline ->

Second Attempt (Demo) by Shade ->

Child's Play 1 - Preview (Intro) by Silicon Ltd -> ... (ECS only!)

Plasma Explosion (Demo) by Timex ->

Crazy World (Demo) by Dioxide -> ... Fixed!

Sony VX-90 (Demo) by Royal Amiga Force ->

Psycho Medium 4 (Intro) by Turnips -> ... (weird copper feature Fixed!)

A Small Intro (Intro) by Tww -> ... (ECS Denise fixed)

Skull - First Intro (Intro) by Traitors -> ... (Fixed. OCS only.)

Curious (40k Intro) by Abyss -> ... Works again!

Back In 1990 (Demo) by Samplers -> ... Fixed!

Spadix' First (Demo) by Targets -> ... Fixed 2710 Beta 8!

Equipose by Complex -> ... Fixed 2710 Beta 8!

Critical Mass by Parallax -> ... Fixed 2810 Beta 2!

Demos with "Shifted screen to right side" issues:

Crash Landing (Crack Intro) by Scoopex ->

Demos with "Agnus vpos counter" issues:

Hit the Road (Megademo) by Flash Production -> ... Fixed 2710 Beta 4!

Demos with "scanline emulation optimization" issues:

Blue Venture (Demo) by Anxious -> ... Note! , Fixed!

Demos with "sprite related" issues:

Laurent & Anna (Demo) by Saturne & Trilogy -> ... Note! , Fixed!

Legalize It 2 (Musicdisk) by Anarchy -> ... FixNote!

Demos with "blitter active" issues:

Rampage (Trackmo) by The Electronic Knights -> ... Notes! , Fixed!

Demos with "scrolling text" issues:

Megademo by Royal Amiga Force ->

Megademo by Intuition ->

Compass 1 (Diskmagazine) by Alcatraz ->

Now Thats What I Call Crap (Demo) by Lsd ->

Feel Blue (Intro) by Oblivion ->

Demos with "most likely CPU emulator timing" issues: -> Fixed! , Fixed2! , Fixed3!

Madness 2 - The Search For Sanity by Anarchy ->

Oh No! Not Another One of Those Bob-Demos by D-Mob ->

Last A500 (Demo) by Oblivion ->

Mental Collection 27 Intro (Intro) by X-Men -> ... updated! (2013-12-03)

Demo by Dope -> ... Fixed!

Demos with "Mid horizontal line hires to lores change" issues: Fixed!

IT, Razor 1911, Abnormal, Hoaxers and Network Gigaparty - party report (Demo) by Escape & Outlaws ->

Demos with "dots over copper bars" issues: -> Fixed! , Fixed 2!

Funky Big-Mac (Intro) by Lsd ->

Anarchy Party Demo by Symbiosis ->

Lets Rave (Demo) by Profecy ->

Simple Minds (Intro) by Vox Dei ->

JFI - creates invalid refresh rates or "fake ntsc" detection: -> Beta 12

Primus (Demo) by Brainstorm ->

Paeckchen 50 Intro (Intro) by Mexx -> ... hack added! (2013-11-03)

Plasma (Intro) by Mexx -> ... hack added! (2013-11-03)

Mega-Lomania Demo by Sunriders -> ... hack added! (2013-11-09)

JFI - interlaced mode with scrolltext: -> Beta 13

Oz Con Placings by Alchemy ->

Shed Tears by Ozone ->

Stuff to Love (Intro) by Savage ->

The Wonderful Art Of Hajime Soroyama (Slideshow) by Beyond Force ->


Not 'emulation bug' Demos: -> Moved on post below!

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