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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Of course it's there. But it's OK if you don't notice it. It occurs rarely, but then it's annoying. It's mostly not the bigger than usual delay but the completely filtered pushed button or stick direction in some hectic situations, due to too slow polling time.
Sorry but I would have noticed that, and I've tested some fast paced games... I'm a very old Amiga user with a long experience and I would have noticed for sure what you say. Got many joysticks in the past: Prof Competition 5000 by Suzo - still the best IMHO -, Competition Pro, various Quickshot joysticks, Speedking, Albatros... I've tested this long enough with very picky platform games and shoot'em'ups where timing is essential and NEVER felt like it missed a fire press or joystick direction.
Maybe it depends on the full HW config/emulation settings too? Or they simply updated the controller with a better one in this edition (hard but still possible if they changed their HW supplier for example)...
I recommend this joystick for its plug'n'play simplicity and good results.

Are you sure you're not blaming it for your reflexes getting worse with age?

8/10 IMHO, WinUAE 2.5.1, 2.6.x, 2.7.x beta, Win7 HP x64 with modded/expanded MSI GX660 gaming Laptop.

Even tested it with MAME and beat'em'ups like Art of Fightin', Street Figther and more where direction and timing for special moves is essential too and I can confirm.
Tested with another friend of mine, another good old Amiga user and he confirmed never felt a lag or missing response.
Works fine also with ZX Spectrum emu "SpecEMU 3.1b build 21/11/15" as Kempston joystick

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