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There is only one reason most amiga games don't compete with the consoles ones : money (and fast conversion appealing and no quality control by C=)

Just watch the devs teams on each system and you'll understand.

Games like Mr Nutz, Brian the Lion or Kid Chaos prove that amiga could easily have handled great platformers with fast multi parallaxes scrollings and gorgeous graphics. Ruff'n'Tumble is also impressive althought there isn't any parallaxes.

In my opinion, it was really only a matter of money (and maybe time, especially in the mid 90's when editors were rushing amiga's developpers in order to save maximum money after C= bankrupcy ) . Only one coder and one graphician for Cool Spot, the Lion King and Puggsy and one coder and two graphicians for Aladdin.
Then compare it to the teams on the consoles versions, or to the team behin amiga's Mr Nutz ( Kid Chaos is an exception, one coder and one graphician, but Magnetic Fields were surely much more talented at mastering the amiga than John Twiddy (and Kid Chaos was made with the Amiga in mind).

Look at James Pond 3 on amiga. It's an AGA only version (!!!). Even on a stock A500 with 1MB of ram, I'm sure you could have made better. Mr Nutz prove it easily. And what was the reason for not having the same parallaxes of the consoles version on the A1200 and the CD32 ? Time and money.
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