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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
On Atari 8-bit most, but not all textured objects are precalculated animations, not real time.
raycasters are realtime [ Show youtube player ]

and e.g. this [ Show youtube player ] is precalculated??
(quite possible since there is lot of time before demo starts... and what part of calculation is "precalculated" - entire frames are not for sure since there is not enough RAMa...?)

@britelite I am anxious to see how far you improve it I would say that yours 3D scenes are two times more complex than from DHS demo...?

and can you explain me why Fast ram is required? MC68000 in A500 with only chip RAMa have full write/read speed (custom chips do not steal MC68000 cycles) unless you use more than 4 bitplanes? Is there something else that will steal cycles from MC68000 in accessing chip ram?

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