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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
This transparent material is shock resistant, and although it's not as stiff as the aluminium that I used last week, it stands my highly scientific test of "put down the coffee mug accidently on the inserted card".

What do you think?

The transparent plexi should guide the cards vertically, but you'd still have to hit the CF card holders pretty straight horizontally since they're tight. Not quite as tight as PCMCIA but pretty tight.

I would remove the plastic (since it sticks out beyond the PCB edge) and put it in a case. I need to be able to bring it with me in a backpack and leave it unattended at demoparties. The latter should go for families with children as well

As a compromise you could have just nuts under the PCB and fasten (with the top screws) "half" a case instead of standoffs (open underneath) which reaches down to the table. Slots in this larger piece of plastic would be the guides for card insertion instead of the plexi.

I totally agree with having "indirect lighting" instead of flashing LEDs in your face, a very good thought. The wide Amiga LEDs are quite nice but if the LEDs are very bright they can be distracting, not fun at all.

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