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I agree. But " it is irrelevant" - it is relevant to me!

Except movem with ST planar orientation, is there anything that technically prevent Amiga500 to achieve same effect, quality and speed?

... seems the routines there aren't quite as fantastic as you think.
Yes... Since there is nothing alike on Amiga, it is hard to judge the quality of DHS effects...

"...most would say "will be great when its finished properly"."

Even if they did not done nothing similar by them selfs?? - not nice.

Btw Falcon run DHS demo at 100% same speed as plain ST.

Btw2 I am not sure why you Amiga guys are always in "defending" mode (forget user at previous page that starts to explain how Amiga is superior, which is obvious, when I ask so best 3D demos for plain A1200)?
Now I simple ask you to point me to Amiga 500 demo that have similar 3D effect (I never follow Amiga demoscene closely so I need help).
If you have technical coments regarding 3D I am most happy to read it! comments about opinion and taste are irrelevant
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