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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
Not at all! Although I do not see how it is relevant for discusion about 3D...


So Amiga 500 does not have such complex 3D objects in demos at all?
Whether there is or isn't a demo like this for A500 is irrelevant, most Amiga demo coders strive for a combination of great effects, and looking nice and smooth for the most part.

Is the Falcon running that demo running only in ST mode, or full speed Falcon mode?

If its your contention that visually thats a nice looking demo, you'd be wrong on that. Some of the static pictures are alright, but the actual vectors seem to have large steps inbetween colours on the textures.

Put simply, this is not something Amiga coders would look at and think "hey thats really great looking", most would say "will be great when its finished properly".

And a couple of those textured objects have some MASSIVE clipping going on to stop it slowing down, I refer especially to the screen with the alien brain/head, seems the routines there aren't quite as fantastic as you think.
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