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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I have an iPad with retina display, it is the latest iPad available, and there's a huge lag.
Also please consider the HDF option.
Is it jailbreak or iOS7 beta?
That's odd because I also have the latest iPad (with lightning connector),
and have videos on YouTube of it playing. It's iOS 6.1.something.
I haven't heard any issues about sound lag since the first App Store version,
and the App is still quite popular outside of the hardcore Amiga scene.

I have tried with the current thing I'm working on, to integrate Toni's snapshot code,
so a bundled game could be loaded fast from a snapshot of a state when the game
was freshly loaded.. not having much luck, but still going with it.
For MegaBall, I did want to go the floppy disk and have the true emulation of the
hardware displayed. likely the longest loading App in the store! I wouldn't do it again by choice,
but I did have more in mind for the intro in terms of visualisation of things happening in the Amiga.
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