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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Last week I've published these pictures of my back-then-favourite idea for CF card support and card standoff.

This week, several offers from service companies arrived, and I have a new favourite! The photo shows it a bit more spectacular than it actually is, therefore I want to experiment with modern super-bright LEDs next week. Normally I don't like products that require you to wear sunglasses because of way-too-bright LEDs, but since the CF cards cover a large part of the light, I guess I need to crank it up a little. Will try what it looks like with two different colours (green for left, red for right), because the light comes out "almost everywhere". It would otherwise be hard to tell which activity LED is flickering.

This transparent material is shock resistant, and although it's not as stiff as the aluminium that I used last week, it stands my highly scientific test of "put down the coffee mug accidently on the inserted card".

What do you think?


I think the top side needs the protection, transparent or otherwise
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