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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Just like there will be an A1000 version that includes some additional goodies, I am planning a special A2000 version that goes into the 86-pin CPU slot. It's not all that pointless to give the "smaller" Amigas access to the latest A1200 accelerators. 128MByte RAM is not all that common, and I see lots of people trying to get their 2630 upgraded with some RAM, and still living with the slow speed of Z2 harddisk controllers. Hint: The CF card controller on the ACA500 goes well over 4MByte/s, which is twice as fast as any Z2 controller can ever be.

Still pointless?

Well now that sounds like a good plan especially since it will be a proper A2000 cpu card, I just don't like hacking adaptors to make things work. But I do know Supra did something similar with their Supra Speed 28Mhz 68000 card.
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