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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Found the cause why the ACA1220 didn't work with the ACA500 and fixed it. The fix is on the ACA1220 side, nothing that the ACA500 could do anything about.

If you already own an ACA1220 and intend to use it with the ACA500 (despite me warning a couple of times that it doesn't work yet), please send it here, and you'll get free shipping for your ACA500 order (wherever on the planet you are).

Hi Jens,

Glad to hear that as I was hoping to use my ACA1220 with my ACA500 when I get one.

Just to ask if you would accept my ACA1220 for update since it has been overclocked with Gold type processor replacing the old ceramic one, obviously voiding the warranty...

By the way good to hear about future updates, I don't think an A2000 version is crazy at all, I remember the pain I had trying to get a CF card working with my Oktagon IDE board and then trying to upgrade the Ram on my GVP Combo (to max it out the GVP Simms cost near as much as the ACA500 will)
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