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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
No. Why in the world would you want to do that anyway? To fit A1200 accels in the A2000? Seems pointless since the 2000 has plenty of accelerator options. Would be a messy hack anyways.
Just like there will be an A1000 version that includes some additional goodies, I am planning a special A2000 version that goes into the 86-pin CPU slot. It's not all that pointless to give the "smaller" Amigas access to the latest A1200 accelerators. 128MByte RAM is not all that common, and I see lots of people trying to get their 2630 upgraded with some RAM, and still living with the slow speed of Z2 harddisk controllers. Hint: The CF card controller on the ACA500 goes well over 4MByte/s, which is twice as fast as any Z2 controller can ever be.

Still pointless?

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