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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I love Megaball and this. Shame it looks a bit bad on my iPad Retina.

Is there any chance you can disable antialiasing on the screen rendering? I rather have pixel perfect jaggedness.
You got me, I'm too scared to show Apple a 320x240 screen,
it's ridiculously small, so I maintain the correct aspect ratio,
but stretch the display with interpolation to 424x318.
This makes me anxious enough, I don't want to have to do any border around it.

It is possible to do much better on the iPad though, and I might look into it.
There is an update waiting for review at the moment that is the first to run
on all ARM v7 iThings, including iPad 1, so I'm getting there.

Also should be a big reliability one.. if the Amiga has ever hung.
I was always emulating 3 drives, even though they weren't used.
Turns out this is a problem, and I have reduced it to just DF0:.

PS. Don't forget to rate it, it might bump me up the list when someone
searches the App Store for "Amiga" which I'd like at the moment
and I've never done my own dodgy App ratings.

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