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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post

I would also suggest to set the "Maximum Name Length" to 102 or 107 characters under Settings -> Environment -> Directories or your icons with long names won't appear, like it happens now.

Update: The new RexxMast is crashing with an invalid address error = Guru $80000003 (can be suspended), but the AmigaOS RexxMast reacts even worse with the same error and a freezing system.

The new SnapShot tool is happily eating up the FastMem very rapidly (100 kB/s) without being in use.

I've changed the default icons for disks and drawers as an example. It's also recommended to unsnapshot all default icons Copy both attached icons into ENVARC:Sys and reboot. Btw, icons with the type "Disk" or "Device" are unvisible in any normal drawer.
Thank you for the advices (and your help). I will look at it. You are right with Snapshoter, I will propably not start it at the start and put it in user menu. REXXMAST causes the error (only on Magellan but not on Wanderer) but it runs. I have started and tested some AREXX scripts with RX and they have worked so it seems not to affect functionality.
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