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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
Last time i tried to get amitcp working with my 3c589.device (pcmcia ethernet) i recall having difficulty. As such i now use Genesis as it's wizard is a piece of cake. Is there such a thing for AmiTCP now?
Genesis is just a GUI/Wizard for AmiTCP/IP. So, you're actually already using AmiTCP/IP 4.6

I don't see any reason to try switching to any other GUI/version if it works fine you already. I myself have prefered Genesis all these years.

one thing I could never figure out is how to get the stack started at boot, and silently. I have to manually start genesis and this irritates me :/
Put some interface with auto-online option, main window as "closed on startup", run it from user-startup? Can't try it myself now, but something like that?
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