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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
Ah, the subtle drawbacks of text-based communication.

I should've written "expansion connector" and I think that's neither a joke nor an overstatement, then.

Then maybe I'm just generalising my own behaviour here - again.
Yes, well I think so and try to convince you of that.

So what I mean is that I simply don't agree that just because a few people will put a heap of things on the clockport, it's impossible to make any kind of case for *all* the other ones who buy it just as 'enabler', and to get files over to their A500.

And Jens didn't make ACA500 only for the guys who will spend 400EUR on their A500. We already know he could have made a 68030 accelerator, with 64MB memory, and IDE, and so on - a 180EUR product like the others. Instead, here is something more modest that simply plugs in the side - with possibilities for the future.

I agree very much with this philosophy, since it will get more A500s out of parents' attics

So I just don't see how it's impossible or bad to make a case that covers most cases (My, aren't we inadvertently punny today?)

I hope he does make it happen. A rectangle with holes for the ports. (Then he wouldn't have to make the spacer thingy solution with alu plates and stuff.) And maybe he wouldn't get support tickets for people with cats who want a cuddle when Master is at the keyboard... but that's generalizing from my own situation perhaps
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