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Just to help out potential people to know what it looks like per versions I made the following screenshots:

romboot 40.1 (checkmark - original romboot of kickstart 3.1)

romboot 40.2 (checkmark with version fix. For example 40.063 --> 40.63)

romboot 40.3 (checkmarks with version fix but blue instead of purple background)

romboot 44.0 (2D boingball, preview)

romboot 44.1 (2D boingball with spitecolor fix)

romboot 44.2 (3D boingball with SD card instead of Floppy disk for Minimig usage)

romboot 44.3 (3D boingball with Floppy disk)

Also I added these screenshots to .iff format inside Ratte's archive.
Ratte if you like you can use these images to re-upload to Aminet for means of completeness.
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