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A4000 for me

I have an A4000D (custom tower) CS Mk II 060/50, 128Mb, PicassoIV, Paloma, X-Surf, Multiface III, Silversurfer, 40+ Gb of ide & scsi HD's, DVD rom, cdrw, LS120, 15.1" TFT monitor, Epson GT-6500 SCSI scanner, laser and inkjet printers, 56k modem, USB mouse & keyboard (use home built adaptors) and a MAS-Player.

As someone told me 'you don't p*ss about do you?'

I started with an A1000 (512k, external floppy & 1081) way back in 1985, bloody amazing machine Upgraded to an B2000 in 1991 (10Mb, dual floppy, 120Mb scsi HD) with A5000 020/8Mb accelerator added in 1992.

In 1994 I got my A4000D with Warpengine 040/28/32MB 2x520 Mb hd's and have been slowly building it up since then.

November 2002, ordered my G4 A1 and am still waiting

BTW, you forgot the A2000HD (came out the same time as the A1500, they put an A2091 and HD in as standard) and the rare A2500.
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