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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It must fit the retail box.

Besides, all you guys here are pretty high-end users, and you probably don't mind paying more for the case than for the unit itself.

The GVP case is *expensive*. It consists of multiple parts (metal and plastic), and I tried to contact Mike from GVP about it. He kept me waiting quite long, lured me into buying a few chips that turned out to be completely useless (wasted a good 1000,- EUR on humid chips), complained that I've put some pressure on him after being almost half a year late delivering these units and still - almost a year later - didn't come up with any information about the GVP casing.

In short: Consider "everything GVP" to be lost. The person behind it is IMHO not a business(-worthy) person.

Agree. I would like to avoid having a chunky brick next to my Amiga this time around if I can

The point about the case was that someone else would make it and the webshop that sells ACA500 could sell it as an accessory. So it would fit in its own retail box.

There's an inherent problem with putting it outside, as bubbob42 shows.

But I would think the majority would buy it for the IDE+RAM, so a case that fits around that would make many happy.
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