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Originally Posted by moijk View Post
Don't see the need for a smaller case
It must fit the retail box.

Besides, all you guys here are pretty high-end users, and you probably don't mind paying more for the case than for the unit itself.

The GVP case is *expensive*. It consists of multiple parts (metal and plastic), and I tried to contact Mike from GVP about it. He kept me waiting quite long, lured me into buying a few chips that turned out to be completely useless (wasted a good 1000,- EUR on humid chips), complained that I've put some pressure on him after being almost half a year late delivering these units and still - almost a year later - didn't come up with any information about the GVP casing.

In short: Consider "everything GVP" to be lost. The person behind it is IMHO not a business(-worthy) person.

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