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Originally Posted by RCK View Post
Members can now see a donation list in "Quick Links" if interested
I'm grateful to all of you who are supporting EAB, thanks dudes
Nice idea, a hall of fame. (I will make the list one day when the guilt overwhelms me for using this website for free ) I'm just getting used to the Ads for now....

I think you could probably add your name to that list too.

How about contributor points for donators, we are contribution to HOL too by donating aren't we?

Could you register this as a charity so you get our income tax back too?

How about a bronze thumb for allowing ad's, a silver thumb for those who have donated and a gold thumb for those who have done both? Or is that elitist , (no more than just the gold thumb I'd say)

As for a goal, I was thinking more along the lines of if there was any new hardware you were thinking of getting to improve the EAB, we could set up a fund raising target.

Sorry if you think I'm trying to tell you how to run this, it's not my intention I'm just trying to support your long term plan for this great world of Amiga you've created.

Ignore all of the above if you like, I'm probably over thinking things....

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