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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Unfortunately, I've a problem with the ad-blocker of my firewall to make an exception for EAB. If I put in the list of trusted sites it doesn't help at all to allow advertisements here on EAB, since my ad-blocker is not blocking EAB but the ad-servers like googleads and others. But I don't want to put these ad-servers into the list of trusted sites, because that would bring back their advertisements on any other website, too.

I would make a donation instead, but this is another problem for me, since I don't have a PayPal account and I will never have one in future, because I don't like PayPal. Is there any other possibility to make a donation, by bank transfer for example?

Anyway, thanks a lot for offering us this great platform, RCK
Hey, no problem PeterK, at least you try
About paypal donation link, you should be able to send money with credit card without creating one account. (see the point 3)
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