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Now got GSX750F :))
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The only problem with this is it comes from Tom's Hardware 'the best biased reportage money can buy' - don't belive me? Ask Van Smith ( one of the best and most honest tech journo's there has been, and a man who will not alter his belive's for cash.

Not only bounced from THG for saying (truthfully!) that a benchmark was flawed and biased in favour of Intel and the pentium, but that the company that made it, far from being independent, was infact paid and supported by Intel. BUT ALSO (and this is unforgivable) His articals were systematicaly re-edited with his credit removed from them! Which resulted in an article now credited to Dr Tom (from Germany), which begins with a reference to his Native Amaerican Grandfather!!! This is wholly unforgiveable, and is why I no longer belive THG as they have shown themselves willing to LIE FOR MONEY.

So can you still belive THG's reporting?


If THG wish to sue me for defamation, go right ahead. I can prove that everything I've said is the truth, and would welcome the opportunity to prove it in a courtroom.
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