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Originally Posted by gnujon View Post
There are SD to CF adaptors available (I use one with my A1200s). That might be a possible solution for accessing SD cards with the ACA500. It might not be safe to hot plug them though.
Hot-plugging is what's different about passive flash storage though, and what makes for excellent transfer solutions. With CF you're removing power from a "drive", with SD et al you're removing an idle flash memory and resuming when you plug it in again. Which means it's not really hot-plugging.

I think it's a pretty clear-put question: Can I transfer files without rebooting my Amiga every time? It would be absolutely great to know if this is possible with an SD adapter!

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Will you ever stop telling people how to do things your way?
I think you're out of luck there, hehe. fans will never cease to promote ideas for upcoming, exciting products - has nothing to do with the independent thoughts or skill of the developer

Also, complete noobs (hobby users on the level you speak of) come to us on the forums even to get their A500 up and running, so I think the ones who have A500s have already been educated to the point where they can plug a board in a socket inside the machine as opposed to a socket outside the machine.

Certainly that kind of hobby user wouldn't know how to get OS+software installed on their A500, or where to get a potentially licensed preinstalled CF card, or where to order a matching case for your product.

Believe it or not, everyone who buys this card will want a case for it. But I'm jumping the gun a little bit here. Have you sourced cases for it? Otherwise I think you should get in touch with someone who can make them and then sell them with/without a case.

Or make some internal adapter for those who have the skill to put it inside?

ACA500 has a well formed feature spec with many good decisions, and I've promoted these on various places because I think it's a good card.

At least the promise of a case (or inside-adapter) for ACA500 will silence many critics/convince stubborn to-be customers And I think even hobby customers will think twice about have the card outside and exposed. (Compare the living-room situation I wrote about.)

I write this knowing you've probably weathered these questions, and perhaps I judge too much from what has been disclosed so far about the card. For all I know, there may already be pictures shared somewhere with the card in a neat little case.

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