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Accelerator Finish!

Something new about the project Furia 32-Bit for A600, card is finish ;-)
Furiatune make by MarK (PowerD creator)

Furiatune features:
- NoFPU (FPU remove from system)
- Cache Off (hard cache off)
- IDESpeedup (more 3MB/sec.)
- ShadowROM (move ROM to 32-Bit RAM)
- MapROM (file map Kickstart 256kB, 512kB and 1MB)
- BoardROM (return Kickstart on board)
- Default (reset all registers, load default parameters)
- Reboot
- AddMem (add other 1,5MB FastRAM, total 11MB FastRAM)
- Status (show status Furia 32-Bit parameters)
- ? (help)

Furiatune v1.0, accelerator buster :-)

Furiatune 1MB Maprom, thank mfilos!

Show Scout, Furia 32-Bit supports Overlock 37,8MHz, default 28MHz

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