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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
And before, it was internal for many reasons. Not sharing them won't help people who wonder why.
I did share the reasons: The target group of this product is NOT primarily in this forum. I want to bring back "old Amigans" who have had their A500 in storage for over 15 years. These people probably never did anything else than sliding a disk into the computer to start a game. They are not like all you guys who happily use a screwdriver on a classic computer.

Originally Posted by gnujon View Post
There are SD to CF adaptors available (I use one with my A1200s). That might be a possible solution for accessing SD cards with the ACA500.
I have two of these SD->CF adapters here. Both are CF-Type II, the "thick" type. However, I will most probably change the standoffs to a solid plastic block under the CF card slots in order to support the "free-floating" CF cards. It will make insertion easier, but it will also exclude Type-II cards.

Originally Posted by gnujon View Post
I'd be too frightened of ESD to go near my A500 without wearing an anti-static wrist band otherwise.
ESD is mostly an artefact of the 80s when NMOS and HMOS chips were state-of-the-art. Today's CMOS chips must all stand the 2kV human body model: You discharge into the unit and it may crash, but it'll continue to work after a reset.

It's even harder on networking equipment: During the CE test of the X-Surf-100, it had to stand a 6kV contact-discharge. The condition to pass the test was that it's allowed to lose link, but needs to come back and continue to work without human interaction.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Considering the Overall expense tho, it really should come with a proper case
Will you ever stop telling people how to do things your way? Didn't we already find out that this product does not target you? You want it "different", and that would make it way more expensive. That's not an option for the concept of the ACA500. If you want to create a different product, I have already offered to make one according to your specs, and you didn't come back with a proper request. If you want to continue talking about a product that suits your needs, please do that in a different thread - thank you.

The ACA500 targets people who have been away from the Amiga for a long time. They don't have UAE installed, so copying Amiga files to a FAT-formatted card is required for an easy restart into the "hobby Amiga" (and makes my manual easier to write).

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