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Originally Posted by gnujon View Post
There are some advantages to it being external, for one thing it makes for nice easy access to the secondary CF slot for file transfers. It really does need someone to make a case of some sort for it though. I'd be too frightened of ESD to go near my A500 without wearing an anti-static wrist band otherwise.
True enuf, I dont really have a problem with it being external, I just think the explanation was a little silly. If the explanation had been, "an external design means adding and removing CF cards is simple, fast and safe" no one could fault that.

Considering the Overall expense tho, it really should come with a proper case - imo to be a really useful accelerator, the aca500 needs at least an aca1220 added. So right there you are already up for $200USD and you still dont have a case for it.

anyway I think I've said enuf.
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